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Europe Tour 2017: Japan Expo Paris & Hyper Japan London

Hello! Everyone!

How are you doing ?

I’m sorry not having uploaded anything for a long time on airly’s page.

So, I want to write many many things, but I ‘ll write I have some news to share.
I’ll write in another article a lot of things about from last year.

So you should know that Airly will be Japan Expo Paris !
It’s 6th to 9th July 2017.
I will let you know when the stand number has been decided.

Before that event, Airly also has a concert in Paris .
Don’t forget to check the schedule! (Will be put online when it’s available)

and after shortly that,
Airly will be in London Hyper Japan as Special guest with MC of Street stage!
It’s 14, 15, 16th July.

Thanks to you, she can sing everywhere !
Please let me knowiIf you know some stage where she could sing.(For example: kinder gardens, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.)

I’m waiting for your messages.
Thank you!